Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry including industrial engineering; HVAC and infrared heaters; petroleum and natural gas extraction; industrial gases; aggregate; mining and quarry; ceramic powders; architectural; metals and steel, metal stamping, melting, finishing and recycling; valves, pipes and fittings; automakers; electronics

Transportation Industry

Transportation industry including freight transportation; special needs transportation; student transportation and truck leasing

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry including hospitals, healthcare providers, medical groups and physicians in fields such as audiology, dentistry and orthodontics, oncology, medical imaging, gastroenterology, mental health, plastic surgery, childcare, obstetrics and gynecology, palliative care organizations, pharmaceutical companies

Food Industry And Service

Food service and food industry, including meat packing and processing; food and dairy suppliers and distributors

Financial and Services Industries

Financial industry including banking institutions; brokerage firms; payment services, credit counseling and collections, insurance companies; law firms; multiplatform service providers

Public Sector

  • Towns, Villages, Counties, New York State Public Benefit Corporations
  • Served as Town Attorney

Power and Energy Industry

Power and Energy industry, industrial gas supplier

Information Technology

Information Technology including sales and support, distributors

Housing Industry

Housing industry including manufacturing; property management and real estate sales; contractors, builders, mortgage companies

Staffing Industry

Staffing Industry including temporary and contract staffing agencies, leasing agencies, professional employer organizations


Retailers including wireless communications; software; grocery and department stores

Hospitality, Entertainment and Luxury Industries

Hospitality, Entertainment and Luxury industries including restaurants and diners; banquets; hotels; night clubs and adult entertainment; spas, health and wellness facilities; providers and suppliers; salons; private city and country clubs

Print Industry

Print industry including commercial printing; digital printing; marketing and communications

Education Industry

Education industry including private high school, collegiate and charter institutions; foundations and preschool education